• Budget Briefs

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    Michigan's state budget is a document that outlines our priorities and our collective efforts to create a pathway toward economic opportunity for all. The League provides analysis of the budgets proposed in its Budget Briefs.

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  • Affordable Care Act

    family stethFor many, the effects of the ACA have been lifesaving. Just in Michigan, 977,000 people saw lifetime coverage limits disappear, women are now charged the same as men, and 70,000 young people have been able to stay on their parents’ insurance up to age 26.

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  • Income Tax Rollback

    tax cuts 1Cutting the income tax will not grow jobs or the economy but will leave our state unable to invest in our schools, colleges and universities, air and water, communities, bridges and roads, healthcare and public safety—the things that actually fuel economic growth.

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    Hands grabbing hundred dollars bill.

    In a new report, Making Ends Meet in Michigan: A Basic Needs Income Level for Family Well-Being, the wage needed to meet basic needs is estimated by county.

    Updated report and basic needs calculator.


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    What is it like to be a kid growing up in Michigan right now? The 2017 Kids Count in Michigan Data Book examines 15 indicators of child well-being to see how children are doing around the state.

    Read the report.


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