• Back to School Report

    Back to school graphic 1As Michigan college students start school, they face increasingly high tuition and an unprecedented level of student loan debt that stands to linger their whole lives. At the same time, Michigan’s state-funded financial aid hasn’t kept up with tuition costs and older students cannot get any state financial aid at all.

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  • Budget Briefs

    capdome_114347_7The League’s Budget Briefs will keep you abreast of the latest state budget developments that affect children, families and economically vulnerable people in Michigan.

    Budget Briefs | A First Look at the Governor's 2016-2017 Budget | Fact Sheet: Michigan's Budget: How Much is There to Work With?

  • 2016 Right Start: Maternal and Child Health

    pregnant-mom-smokingThe rate of expectant mothers in Michigan who reported smoking while pregnant increased by 18% between 2008 and 2014. The number of preterm births (less than 37 weeks) also increased significantly over the time period, with the rate going up by 20% statewide.

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