• Budget Briefs

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    Michigan's budget is a document that outlines the state’s priorities to create a pathway toward economic opportunity for all. The League has outlined its 2019 budget priorities for a better Michigan and will continue to provide analysis throughout the budget process.

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  • Why Tax Cuts Hurt

    tax cut png 235x135Michigan lawmakers are pushing for election-year tax cuts, but Michigan and its residents simply can’t afford the damage these cuts will do to our schools, roads and bridges, public safety and communities.

    Statements: State of the State | House and Senate Bills
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  • 2017 Right Start: Annual Report on Maternal and Child Health

    mother and babyThe annual Right Start: Maternal and Child Health report reviews eight indicators statewide, by race and for a select number of cities and townships in Michigan. The 2017 report compares 2010 to 2015 and highlights infant mortality trends in the state.

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    Has your life been affected by Michigan’s criminal or juvenile justice system? We want to hear from you!

    genthumb We’re putting together our 2018 Kids Count in Michigan Data Book, and we want REAL Michigan kids to be part of it! Pairing real faces with real data will better tell the story of how our state’s kids and families are impacted by policy decisions. You can help by sharing your photos today!


    What’s New

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    March 15 Blog: Time to double-check your paycheck! (You could be paying later.)
    March 14 Testimony: K-12, school aid and education — Section 107 Adult Education funding — Senate Appropriations Subcommittee
    March 13 Testimony: FY 2019 school aid/education budgets — Senate Appropriations Subcommittee
    March 12 Blog: Waiter, there’s a rotten policy initiative in my soup
    March 8 News Release: New report warns against problematic Medicaid work requirements
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    March 6 Fact Sheet: Proposed Michigan Minimum Wage Increase
    March 6 Fact Sheet: Raising Michigan Minimum Wage Helps Workers and Their Families
    March 6 Fact Sheet: Who Benefits from Minimum Wage Increase to $12 by 2022
    March 6 Fact Sheet: Eliminating Tipped Minimum Wage in Michigan
    March 6 Report: Medicaid work requirements: Why making people work doesn’t work
    March 6 Testimony: FY 2019 school aid/education budgets — House Appropriations Subcommittee
    March 2 Blog: Thanks to tax cuts, large budget shortfalls loom in North Carolina
    March 1 Testimony: The League opposes House Bill 5560 — restrictions on Bridge Card usage
    Feb 28 Blog: Why we’re making the change to “Latinx”
    Feb 28 Memorandum: to the House Appropriations Committee regarding continued investments and new funding recommendations to ensure the health and safety of Michigan families
    Feb 27 Memorandum: to the Senate Appropriations Committee regarding continued investments and new funding recommendations to ensure the health and safety of Michigan families
    Feb 23
    Blog: What to watch for in 2019 state budget
    Feb 23 News Release: Calling all kids: Michigan Kids Count project holding first-ever open call for photos
    Feb 23 Fact Sheets: A look at immigrants in Michigan by cities