Gas tax, not sales tax, needs change

This week the Senate passed and the House considered Senate Bill 351, which redirects a portion of sales tax revenues to pay for roads.

Using the sales tax for roads isn’t good tax policy. The sales tax is supposed to be a broad-based tax used to generate revenue for a wide range of public services. Diverting it for roads means more unnecessary cuts for the rest of our public structures – like schools, health care and public safety. (more…)

Care Act’s Future Concerns Human Service Advocates

Wednesday is the third and final day of hearings before the U.S. Supreme Court on the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act. The Michigan League for Human Services supports the federal law, saying it has already helped thousands of low- to-moderate income residents in the state. Spokeswoman Judy Putnam told WDET’s Pat Batcheller that it’s not a perfect law, but it’s a step in the right direction. March 28, 2012 — WDET News

Since September, 46,000 children off cash assistance

March 28, 2012
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46,000 kids have lost cash assistance since September
State hasn’t released case closure reasons yet

More than 46,000 children in Michigan are in families that have lost cash assistance since September, when the state started closing cases because of new time limits. A Genesee County judge ruled Tuesday, however, that the Department of Human Services exceeded its authority in using a 60-month limit with different rules than the 48-month limit enacted by the Legislature. (more…)

State, researchers attack infant mortality

As infant mortality rates continue to rise across the state, the Department of Community Health is implementing a new plan that should reduce the number of deaths and disparities based on geography, socio-economic issues and race. March 23, 2012 — Capital News Service


Supreme Court Hearing Affordable Care Act Arguments

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, the Supreme Court of the United States will hear arguments in a lawsuit brought by 26 states including Michigan challenging President Obama’s Affordable Care Act. The heart of the issue is whether government mandated health care is constitutional. March 26, 2012 — WILX.COM


Affordable Care Act must move forward

MLHS Statement:
Supreme Court Case: Affordable Care Act must move forward for Michigan to prosper

“The Affordable Care Act is especially important in Michigan. With more than 1 million uninsured people in our state, it is critical that we expand health care coverage as outlined in the national reform legislation. Michigan had the second-highest number of people in the country losing employer-sponsored health insurance over the past decade. (more…)

Happy 2nd birthday, Affordable Care Act!

Today marks the second anniversary of the Affordable Care Act.

The ACA, though just a “toddler,” has accomplished untold good in providing medical care and health security for Michiganians. But, the best is yet to come in 2014, when major provisions  will be implemented, including the new competitive healthcare coverage marketplace (called the exchange) where individuals/families will compare and purchase quality individual health plans, or apply for the expanded Medicaid program as well as the subsidies that make healthcare coverage more affordable. (more…)

Welfare reforms put care-givers in a wrenching bind

Todd Stafford has an uncontrollable neurological disorder that causes him to beat himself in the head hundreds of times a day. The beatings have made him blind and caused his head to “look like Frankenstein,” he says. His wife, Tina Stafford, doesn’t have a job because someone needs to be at their St. Joseph County home in case Todd injures himself seriously.  March 20, 2012 — Bridge

Fassia: To reduce incarceration, invest more in education

We are all familiar with the argument that you can spend a little upfront to change your car’s oil or you can wind up with a big bill later to rebuild your engine. We should be mindful of that advice when it comes to our state budget. A full quarter of Michigan’s general fund is spent on corrections. March 10, 2012 —  Lansing State Journal

It’s about all of us

If your neighbors are struggling, you will feel it, see it in your back yard.

If your family members are struggling, you will feel it, see it at the dinner table.

If your school is struggling, you will feel it, see it on your child’s face. (more…)

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