Happy 50th anniversary Medicaid

Today marks the 50th anniversary of the bill signing that created the Medicaid and Medicare programs. Michigan’s John Dingell was present at the signing in 1965, and in recent years continued to push for Medicaid expansion in Michigan that is helping so many more individuals today. (more…)

The Herald-Palladium: Michigan’s child poverty rate is a disgrace

Children in Southwest Michigan have a lot more to worry about than the approaching start of school. According to the Kids Count in Michigan Data Book, “Child poverty actually worsened in Michigan during the economic recovery. In 2013 one of every four children in the state lived in a family with income below the poverty level … and half of these children live in extreme poverty – with families struggling to get by on income less than half the poverty level.” July 29, 2015 — St. Joseph and Benton Harbor Herald-Palladium


WKAR Radio: Report: Despite economic gains, more MI children living in poverty

According to the latest Kids Count report from the Annie E. Casey Foundation, one in five Michigan kids are now living in poverty. Current State talks about what’s behind those numbers with Alicia Guevara Warren, who directs the Kids Count project for the Michigan League for Public Policy. July 28, 2015 — WKAR

WDET Radio: Poor Kids Falling Further Behind

Michigan League For Public Policy President Gilda Jacobs speaks with Stephen Henderson about Michigan’s performance in the Kids Count Data Book. July 27, 2015 — WDET


Tipped wages transfer business risks to workers

Do you tip your server generously when you dine out?

Hopefully you do, because your server may earn less than you think. Restaurants are only required to pay their servers $3.10 per hour in Michigan, which is 38% of the minimum wage for non-tipped professions. (This will rise concurrently with the regular minimum wage to $3.52 by 2018, remaining at 38% at each wage step.) (more…)

WKZO Radio: 1 in 4 Michigan kids still living in poverty, according to Kid Count report

Live interview with Kids Count Project Director, Alicia Guevara Warren from Michigan League for Public Policy. July 22, 2015 — WKZO

Macomb Daily: Michigan drops in child well-being in latest Kids Count report

Michigan has dropped for the second year in a row to 33rd overall for child well-being, behind every other state in the Midwest, according to the annual Kids Count report by the Annie E. Casey Foundation. July 21, 2015 — Macomb Daily


Traverse City Record Eagle: Michigan’s child poverty rate worsens

TRAVERSE CITY — Grand Traverse County ranks ninth in child well-being out of 82 Michigan counties, but the state’s overall child poverty rate has worsened since the Great Recession, the annual Kids Count survey found.

The national report released Tuesday by the Annie E. Casey Foundation says Michigan ranks 33rd in child well-being nationally, down one slot since last year. Nearly one in four Michigan children lived in poverty in 2013, compared with almost one in five in 2008. July 21, 2015 — Traverse City Record Eagle


Save Our Michigan Earned Income Tax Credit


The Michigan Earned Income Tax Credit lets working families who earn low wages or who have fallen on hard times keep more of what they earn to afford the basics. But House Republicans are proposing to cut the EITC for the second time in five years – this time completely – effectively raising taxes on about 800,000 low-income working families raising 1 million kids.

It is a proven effective anti-poverty tool that reduces the number of children living in poverty. At its current rate, it lifts about 7,000 working families above poverty. The EITC has long-lasting, positive effects on children, improving infant health, helping students do better and go farther in school, and increasing work and earnings in future generations.

Michigan policymakers cut the EITC in 2011, when it was reduced from 20% to 6% of the federal credit. The average credit dropped 70%.

At a time when no other state is looking at cutting their state EITC and recent polling shows that two-thirds of Michigan residents oppose its elimination, we should work to restore the EITC rather than eliminate it.



Senator Nofs’ energy package leaves much to be desired

The two-bill energy package (Senate Bill 437 and Senate Bill 438) recently proposed by Senate Energy and Technology Committee Chair, Senator Mike Nofs, is bad policy because it not only reverses Michigan’s clean energy goals, which research shows are having a positive impact on the state, but changes the definition of clean energy to include burning tires. (more…)

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