Poverty Age Race Poverty Place ES 200 FPL
Infant Mortality Race Infant Mortality Place Teen Deaths Cause Race
Concentrated Poverty Race Poverty HH Structure CAN
GS Quality Preschool 3rd - ELA
8th -- Math Dropout Child Poverty
 Young children eligible for SNAP  Eligibility for free_reduced price lunch  Less than adequated prenatal care
 Low_birthweight babies  Infant mortality  Child_teen deaths
 Teen births  Children in investigated families  Confirmed victims of abuse_neglect
 Children in out_of_home care  3 and 4_year_olds in preschool  3rd graders NOT proficient in ELA
 8th graders NOT proficient in Math  Students not graduating on time  2015 Poverty
   confirmed victims of abuse neglect 2015  Less than adequate prenatal care Overall child well-being ranked MAP