MI Kids Count Data Books 2003 – 2015

These books contain ONLY the narrative on that year. For updated county specific data go to the latest kids count book or the data center.

Kids Count Data Book Narratives

2015: Child and Family Well-Being in Michigan (Access to Healthcare: Fully immunized toddlers, ages 19-35 months (for the series 4:3:1:3:3:1:4) in Michigan was 74.3%)

2013: Child and Family Well-Being in Michigan

2012: Child and Family Well-Being

2011: Health Matters

2010: The Education Connection

2009: Place Matters

2008: A Focus on Young Children

2007:  A Focus on Healthy Children and Youth

2006: A Focus on Economic Security

2005: A Focus on Youth in Transition

2004: A Focus on Young Children

2003: A Focus on Children with Special Needs