Lame duck: Burning tires are ‘renewable’ energy

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Shannon Nobles

While it may seem hard to believe, burning tires really is considered a source of renewable energy in the state of Michigan, at least, according to legislation passed by the House.

Burning tires, along with other types of hazardous waste, would be considered a source of renewable energy under a bill approved 63-46  by the House Thursday.

House Bill 5205, introduced by Rep. Aric Nesbitt, R-Lawton, and approved last week by the House Energy and Technology Committee he chairs, would amend the 2008 Clean, Renewable and Efficient Energy Act that requires utilities to generate 10% of their electricity from renewable sources by 2015.

The amendment would put scrap tires, plastics and hazardous materials in the same category as legitimate clean-energy technologies, such as wind and solar power.

The intent behind the 2008 bill, which was supported by many environmental groups across the state, was to clear the air and reduce amounts of air pollutants harming residents across the state.

With Michigan’s asthma rate 10% higher than the national average, and a recent report ranking Detroit the 10th worst city in the nation in terms of asthma-related problems, this goal seems more necessary than ever. However, adding dirty fuels that create serious public health risks when burned is counterproductive to this goal.

Michigan utility companies are on track to meet this standard, which is set to expire next year. Recently, a bipartisan group of legislators submitted a package of bills (HBs 5967, 5968 and 5969) that updates Michigan’s clean energy policy and addresses Gov. Rick Snyder’s energy goals.

The goals reflected in this package include improving adaptability, increasing reliability, focusing on affordability and protecting Michigan’s environment. These bills truly protect the health and environment of Michigan by supporting clean energy.

We cannot let HB 5202 pass the Senate, and instead need to encourage our legislators to adopt environmentally friendly legislation, such as the recently introduced package of bipartisan bills, HB 5967, 5968 and 5969.

Contact your senators today and tell them to keep Michigan’s air clear by voting NO on HB 5205!

 — Shannon Nobles


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