League calls on House to act on health exchange

“The Michigan House of Representatives this week has a small window of opportunity to follow the governor and Senate in supporting a consumer-oriented, state-operated health insurance exchange as called for under the Affordable Care Act. A Friday deadline looms for Michigan to notify the federal government of its intent to develop and operate its own exchange with the detailed plan due by Dec. 14.

The governor continues his steadfast support of a state-operated exchange; the Senate passed enabling legislation one year ago. It is time for the House to act.

It is in the best interest of Michigan’s residents and small businesses that the exchange implemented in Michigan meets their specific needs and addresses Michigan’s unique issues.”

These comments may be attributed to Karen Holcomb-Merrill, policy director of the Michigan League for Public Policy.  A new report, Michigan’s Exchange: A Fumbled Political Football, explains the exchanges and their benefits.

The Michigan League for Public Policy, formerly the Michigan League for Human Services, is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization promoting economic security through research and advocacy.