League supports Michigan’s move to cleaner energy

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Shannon Nobles

The Michigan League for Public Policy has recently added clean energy as a focus area in our policy and advocacy work.

Clean energy is an important issue for the organization, as well as our state, as Michigan looks to implement Environmental Protection Agency’s policy to reduce carbon emissions nationwide. While the state has been on the way to supplying some of its electricity with renewable energy sources such as wind, solar and bioenergy with a goal to meet 10% by 2015, we need to do more.

Michigan currently has nine coal-fired electricity generating units, with health-related costs associated with emissions from these facilities totaling $1.5 billion annually. These health issues range from asthma to cancer, and heart and lung disease.

According to a 2011 study by the Michigan Environmental Council, 180 premature deaths, 680,000 cases of asthma irritations and 140 asthma emergency room visits are attributed to pollution from burning coal in Michigan every year.

People of color and those who are economically vulnerable are most likely to suffer these health complications. This is because the coal-fired power plants tend to be in neighborhoods of low- to moderate-income people, affecting those populations disproportionately.

By transitioning from coal to clean energy, we can reduce pollution and improve the health of Michiganians across the state.

On June 2, the Environmental Protection Agency proposed a common sense plan to cut carbon pollution from power plants. EPA’s proposal builds on those actions that states such as Michigan are already taking, and will maintain an affordable, reliable energy system, while cutting pollution and protecting our health and environment now and for future generations. Michigan can meet the expectations put forth in this proposal, while improving the health of its citizens by increasing our use of clean, renewable energy, such as wind and solar, as well as reducing energy waste through increased energy efficiency.

Please support clean energy by commenting in favor of this proposal. You have until Oct. 16, to do so through the EPA site. See the League’s fact sheet for more information.

— Shannon Nobles

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