Michigan’s state budget is a document that outlines our priorities and our collective efforts to create a pathway toward economic opportunity for all.

The League believes that Michigan’s future prosperity depends on a state budget that supports public structures and investments in education, health, safety and its people.

It’s important that citizens speak up and tell lawmakers their priorities. The League is here to help. Please watch our Budget Briefs series (below, on this page) and sign up for our news, budget updates and action alerts, and we’ll keep you posted.

FY 2016 State Budget — Budget Briefs

The League’s Budget Briefs project is designed to keep citizens and advocates abreast of the latest budget developments that affect children, families and economically vulnerable people in Michigan. Please sign up for our email alerts for new postings.

Give Michigan’s Prison Reentry Population the Tools to Thrive April 14, 2016

Helping Children Succeed Through Michigan’s At-Risk Funding April 7, 2016

Michigan Continues to Underfund Adult Education, Hamper Workers and Economy April 7, 2016

Michigan Needs to Expand Child Care Support to Keep Families Working April 5, 2016

A First Look at the Governor’s 2016-2017 Budget: Short-Term Fixes, Long-Term Challenges Feb. 26, 2016













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Federal Budget

Viewpoint: National balanced budget amendment a reckless idea Jan. 24, 2014

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