Michigan Advanced Technician Training (MAT²®) Program

Are you interested being paid to receiving hands-on training for an in-demand career, while also being able to pursue a college degree? If so, the Michigan Advanced Technician Training (MAT2) program could be a perfect fit for you!

Manufacturing and technology companies are experiencing a shortage of employees with the knowledge, skills, and education necessary to operate and maintain new systems-based equipment and technology.

The MAT2 program is an educational model developed in conjunction with global technology leaders that combines theory, practice, and work to help train a globally competitive workforce in the cutting-edge fields of Mechatronics, Information Technology, and Technical Product Design.

MAT2 will provide students with:

  • A three-year training program with all tuition costs paid for by an employer
  •  On-the-job training with pay
  • An associate degree in a high-tech, in-demand field
  • A guaranteed job upon successful completion of the program

Students will earn while they learn, alternating between classroom training at a participating community college, and on-the-job training with an employer, acquiring marketable skills and valuable knowledge along the way.

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Applications are still being accepted for the 2014 MAT2 program. Log on to  today to apply! Individuals who submit their application prior to July 15, 2014 will have an opportunity to participate in the next MAT2 Company Fair on Friday, July 18 in Auburn Hills! At the MAT2 Company Fair, applicants will interview with participating employers with the purpose of matching companies and students to begin the program in September 2014.

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S A V E   T H E   D A T E

Monday, Sept. 29, 2014

The conference will feature 14 workshops, national speakers, and attendance from state and local leaders.
Don’t miss this chance to learn more about the state of Consumer Assistance as open enrollment begins for 2015.

Presented by Michigan Consumers for Healthcare

 Opportunity & Equity 2014

This event was held on May 5, 2014

Speaker: Pedro Noguera, Sociologist and NYU Professor

Each day, a growing number of people struggle to make ends meet, yet there are promising strategies and tools that can help fight this trend, that have been proven to reduce poverty and build prosperity. At Opportunity & Equity 2014 attendees will explore successful and promising models and concepts in public policy, education, asset building, healthcare and more.



Michigan’s Education Landscape, Amber Arellano
Exemplary Models for Entrepreneurship, Jeannine LaProd
Income Inequality in Michigan, Dr. Charles Ballard
Pursuing Excellence Through Equity, Dr. Pedro Noguera
Metropolitan Detroit Race Equity Report, Shirley Stancato
Race for Results: Building a Path to Opportunity for All Children, Jane Zehnder-Merrell