Strange bedfellows abound on Prop 5

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Karen Holcomb-Merrill

Gov. Rick Snyder, the Michigan Chamber of Commerce, the Michigan Manufacturers Association and others voiced their opposition to Proposal 5 (the so-called supermajority proposal) at a press conference today.

They join the League and a long list of other strange bedfellows that are urging a No vote on Proposal 5.

Why are all these organizations that don’t normally work together coming together to say No to Proposal 5? Because Proposal 5 is bad public policy that will give a minority of just 13 senators the ability to stop the will of the majority on proposals increasing the state’s tax base.

In essence, our Michigan Constitution would be changed to allow minority rule. Other states that have adopted similar proposals have experienced legislative gridlock, lower credit ratings and high unemployment — not the recipe we want to follow in Michigan.

“Proposal 5 would be a huge impediment to tax reform or even tax reduction,” Snyder said at the news conference. “Who would benefit? It comes back to protecting a special interest who wants to protect a loophole or gain a loophole.”

This proposal is so extreme that newspapers across the state are opposing Proposal 5. The Detroit News and Detroit Free Press editorial page editors rarely agree, but in this video, they agree that Proposal 5 is bad for Michigan.

Learn more about the dangers of Proposal 5.

Gov. Rick Snyder at a Wednesday press conference says Proposal 5 would stall progress in Michigan.



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